About KOF-K

The KOF-K emblem is the internationally recognized trademark of KOF-K Kosher Supervision, one of the foremost Kosher certification agencies in the United States.

Only those products and services meeting the strictest standards of Kosher law are permitted to display the symbol, which is protected under Federal law against unauthorized use. When consumers see KOF-K on a product, they know they are buying food that meet the highest levels of kashrus (Kosher law).

KOF-K is directed by a staff of Kosher food production specialists, each an expert in various aspects of the food industry. Always available for consultation are flavor chemists, dairy and bakery professionals, meat processing advisers and computer experts. The kashrus policies are governed by a Rabbinic committee that reviews and decides all questions of halacha (Jewish law) which may arise.

KOF-K has an international network of regional coordinators and Rabbinic representatives, all of them strictly Orthodox in their personal practice and synagogue affiliation. Each product or service under KOF-K Supervision is carefully monitored by regional coordinators, field supervisors and the staff at KOF-K headquarters. Regional coordinators are based in major American cities, Canada, South and Central America, Australia, Western and Eastern Europe, the Orient and Israel. These representatives conduct frequent visits to major manufacturers and their suppliers at every location where Kosher supervision is needed. Confidentiality of all proprietary information is assured.

Serving the Kosher consumer for almost 50 years, KOF-K was the first kashrus organization to introduce computer technology to the complexities of kashrus supervision/management. In addition to automated inspection “tracking,” KOF-K has compiled a extensive and comprehensive database of ingredients and ingredient suppliers, accessible to all companies under KOF-K supervision. This technology has placed KOF-K at the leading edge of contemporary Kosher supervision, raising industry standards to a new high. Offering their services as Kosher food consultants to the widest range of food producers spanning the globe, KOF-K reputation for outstanding service is well known.

Totally committed, efficiently organized, fully staffed and technologically advanced, the KOF-K is eager to help you link your products with both the historical tradition of, and the rapidly expanding world-wide market for kosher products.

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