Kashrus Alerts

1/11/2018 mislabeled product

Go Lightly

GoLightly® Sugar Free Just Chocolates Hard Candy




Product has been mistakenly labeled KOF-K DE. they are in fact KOF-K Dairy as they contain butter as per the ingredient panel. Corrective actions have been taken.


For questions and concerns please contact the KOF-K Kosher Supervision 201 837 1967

12/25/2017 certain breads no longer certified

Sara Lee bread

Sara Lee Corporation

This company has chosen to no longer have kosher certification on the following products:




Sara Lee Honey Wheat 72945-60136

Sara Lee 100% Whole Wheat 72945-60134

Sara Lee White w/ Whole Grain 72945-70544

Sara Lee Artesano 72945-61241


This is in no way in a result of any infraction or violation and the company is in good standing with KOF-K.