Kashrus Alerts

2/25/2019 these are dairy eventhough labeled parve

Lovely Candy Apple Caramels


Lovely Candy Brand APPLE CARAMELS

This product contains dairy ingredients and is certified KOF-K Dairy.  A limited amount of packaging was incorrectly printed with a KOF-K Parve symbol.

Corrective measures have been implemented

2/25/2019 bears an unauthorized KOF-K symbol

J. Higgs Brand Cornies

A limited number of J. Higgs Brand Cornies Chili Cheese Flavored Corn Chips was mistakenly labeled with an unauthorized  KOF-K. The company does produce KOF-K certified products but this specific item is not certified.   

Corrective actions are being taken.

2/25/2019 White Bean Nacho Chips mislabeled


A limited number of 6oz White Bean Nacho Tortilla Chips, distributed by LIDL US, LLC, was mistakenly labeled as KOF-K PARVE. In fact, it contains DAIRY ingredients and is certified as KOF-K DAIRY and must be treated as DAIRY.  

Corrective actions are being taken.